Affiliate platform : which one to choose ?

Affiliation is a very well known concept in the web marketing world today. If you are looking for a perfect solution to monetize your blog, this is one of the best devices to adopt. However, while membership seems like a good way to build a new source of income, choosing the best platform to conduct your business is a must. We have done a comparison of the best affiliate platforms in this article. Read on.

An overview on affiliate platforms


Affilae is a French startup created in 2012 by Pierre Bazoge and Alexandre Dos Santos. If you want to learn more about affiliate platforms, hop over to this site. Indeed, the company has taken the opposite of the classic model of affiliate platforms by offering a SaaS solution with no set-up costs and no commission on each of the sales made through their affiliate platform. The combination of a very well-designed affiliate software, an intuitive platform and responsive support makes this affiliate software a must in the market.


Awin is one of the world’s leading affiliates. Born from the merger between Zanox and Affiliate Window in 2017, the company then merged with Affilinet to create a brand with impressive numbers : 15,000 advertisers and 200,000 publishers. The affiliate platform operates in more than 180 countries, making it a major affiliate player with its impressive network.


Effiliation is the affiliate platform of the Effinity group. Its 20 years of experience, its 650 advertisers and 45,000 publishers make it one of the leaders in the French market. The French affiliate platform offers software with many features and support from affiliate experts.


Founded by two French people, François Bieber and Kevin Hatry, in 2003 under the name NetAffiliation, the company merged with mobile marketer Swelen to form the Kwanko group. The French affiliation platform presents impressive figures : present in Europe, North America and South America, more than 150,000 publishers, more than 200 employees and offices in 8 countries. It should be noted that there are other affiliate platforms that we were unable to decipher in this selection, they are : 

• Tradedoubler 

• CJ Affiliate 

• Post Affiliate Pro 

• Rakuten 

• MyLead

Some recommendations

There is no specific affiliate platform. To be clear, the best affiliate platform does not exist. You must choose the one that suits you according to your needs : budget, need for support, autonomy, sector of activity. To help you, we get a little wet by giving you some recommendations. First, if you are affiliates or publishers, register on as many platforms as possible. They treat their affiliates more or less well, but since there is no registration fee, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it. 

If you are an advertiser and you are independent in your search for affiliates and are only looking for software to track your affiliate programs, we recommend Affilae. This is a great solution, tested and approved. If you are looking for support from experts and a larger marketplace size, we recommend Awin, an international solution that will allow you to reach a very large audience. Support plays a big role when looking for a good affiliate platform, even if the number of publishers is lower, we still recommend two excellent platforms : Effiliation and Kwanko.