Arrangements for a moment of happiness on Bonaire

The island of Bonaire is rich in tourist activities likely to draw crowds in real time. With its turquoise waters, popular diving center and countless activities on land, this island is well worth a visit for your vacation happiness. But there are a few things you need to know before you go. Apart from the arrangements directly linked to your trip and your stay (travel tickets, car rental, room and board, etc.), you'll have to pay a tax: the Bonaire tourist tax. What is this tax and what are its foundations?

The foundations of the tourist tax on Bonaire

Bonaire's tourist tax is not, in fact, yet another tax to be paid by tourists. It replaces the accommodation and car rental taxes previously collected on the island. In concrete terms, it's a reduction in charges. The tourist tax was introduced in 2022. Those entitled to pay Bonaire tax are foreign tourists who come to visit the island for cultural, sporting, recreational, business or other reasons.

The Bonaire tourist tax enables the local authorities to meet the costs of environmental protection. The money collected will be used to deal with the impact of tourism on the island by funding the preservation of nature and marine life.

With the taxes collected, the authorities will promote tourism businesses. They will also finance infrastructure, education and the development of culture through the organization of year-round programs rich in festivals and events.

Persons liable and procedure for payment of Bonaire tax

The tourist tax applies to all foreigners visiting the island of Bonaire. Whether for business, cultural, sporting or festive events, study, work or medical reasons, you are required to pay this tax. So how do you pay the tourist tax on Bonaire?

You can pay the tourist tax on Bonaire entirely online. You will be presented with a form on the website. All you have to do is fill in the form with your personal details. There's nothing complicated about the process. Just a few clicks and you're done. You'll need your valid passport and the date you plan to travel to Bonaire. An e-mail address is required to contact you or send you useful information. This is the address from which you will receive the payment confirmation message and the QR code required for validation.

The cost of the tax and the right time to pay

The tourist tax for travelers passing through Bonaire is set at $98. This amount includes the government-imposed tourism tax of $75. This means you won't have to pay another tax if you pay this one. In fact, the taxe de séjour is a grouping of taxes related to tourism. However, each passenger on a cruise ship passing through Bonaire's waters must pay an additional $10.

As for when you can validly pay this tax, you can do so one week before departure. However, you can also pay this tax at your destination (airport). Kiosks are available for this purpose. However, you may have to wait in a long queue. All means of payment are authorized, except DISCOVER. You can pay this tax with a credit or debit card.