COVID 19: The new high tech mask

COVID 19: The new high tech mask
Table of contents
  1. Whose idea was it?
  2. How does it operate?
  3. Cost features

Technology once again serves health to save the world. In order to fight the actual pandemic more effectively, some brands and companies have developed a new type of face masks. Get to learn more about the Xupermask, which combines easiness of use, design and protection.

Whose idea was it?

The Xupermask was born thanks to the rapper and entrepreneur Will.I.Am. Along with Honeywell, the american company specialised in the development of IT solutions, the dream came true. As a result, 2 versions of the Xupermask, as they named the new high tech mask, are available.

How does it operate?

The Xupermask is a mask. It covers the face, starting from the nose to the chin by leaning on both ears without pressing them. It has 2 covered openings on either sides, located just below the nostrils and just before the mouth with 3-speed fans included. They permit easy breathing of purified air, thanks to HEPA filters introduced in the covered openings.

Apart from that, the Xupermask has other assets, like LED lights and noise canceling headphones, in order to provide more comfort to the users.

Cost features

The Xupermask is already on sale, at $299. Why do we have to pay such an amount of money just for a face mask ?

Aesthetic is the principal reason. The Xupermask has a beautiful design that people always look for when they have to appear in front of people. We want to keep ourselves and the others safe, but this does not mean that our face mask should be of a compromising design. Plus, the Xupermask aims to become part of cultural items, like Air Jordans are. Its association with an enhanced protection is the best way to combine fashionability and utility. Fans of science fiction films, like Black Panther and Superman, will notice the similarity with the Xupermask.

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