Effective tips for successful wine sales in the Chinese market?

In recent years, the wine market in China has experienced an exceptional boom. This trend is not going to stop anytime soon, as more and more Chinese people are interested in drinking wine. However, before getting into this business, it is important to master a few tricks. This content provides you with more insights.

Use the networks 

China is a country whose population is known for its pension for new technologies, you can browse her latest blog to learn more. Indeed, it is inevitable in China to use social networks if you want to trade wine. In this sense, it is noticed that the Chinese make a consistent use of digital tools. Nevertheless, some social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are prohibited in China. With this in mind, some Chinese social networks such as Sina Weibo (or simply Weibo), the Chinese pinterest, RenRen, Weixin (Wechat) and Huaban exist. These channels are effective in disseminating information about wine, building brand image and much more. The biggest châteaux in China have adopted these channels. In addition, it is important to provide enough information about the art and culture of wine origin.

Hang out at trade fairs

Every year in China, there is always a new city that creates its own trade fair. This has become a tradition in recent years and it is easy to get lost in the flood of wine events in China. As a result, wine tasting shows, wine exhibitions and vineyard tours are commonplace. As an illustration, the city of Guizhou, grants ten thousand (10,000) RMB to foreign wineries for their trip to China. In addition, it provides accommodation for them for five days. Some new provinces provide the stand at a symbolic cost or free of charge. The Shenzhen exhibition, for example, costs only five thousand RMB for three days. Interwine Canton is half the price of Vinexpo Hong Kong and is the leading trade fair in the south of the country. Moreover, with a little willpower and negotiation, it is possible to reduce the price of your stand. This can be done by between ten (10) and fifty (50) per cent depending on the starting price.