How do I get a VisiTax receipt ?

To make a trip to Mexico, it is important to have these papers up to date. Today, you must have a VisiTax receipt to spend time in Mexico and in certain regions. How do I get a VisiTax receipt? Who is entitled to a VisiTax receipt ? In this article, you will learn about the process of obtaining the VisiTax receipt.

To fill in the form on the website

In order to obtain the VisiTax receipt, you must first go to the site. The procedure is done by filling in a form with your personal information. On the form, you will have to fill in the empty boxes including your name, your first names, your age, your valid email address, and your passport number. 

Visitax Cancun offers you a peaceful vacation in Mexico. Please make sure that you fill in the correct information from your identity documents and avoid mistakes.

Pay by a secure method on the site

To finalize your VisiTax receipt, you must then proceed to payment on the site. Indeed, you have the possibility to make your payment by credit card online or by PayPal. 

Each means of payment is secure. Depending on your country or the means of payment you have, proceed to the payment online with an assurance on your banking information. You can pay through various credit cards available on the site.

Receive a payment success message by email

The VisiTax receipt is finalized by the reception of an email in your mailbox. Indeed, to make a good trip on Mexico, you must receive your QR code by message in your mailbox after the validation of your payment in the first hours that follow. The reception of the QR code certifies your trip to Mexico with peace of mind. Get your VisiTax receipt for a reassuring stay and enjoy the presence of family or friends and the wonders of the country.