How to have good cider?

Cider is a drink with many virtues and is very beneficial for the body. By being a perfect ally of health, it also contributes to the maintenance of the body and the refinement of the silhouette. That being said, there are plenty of ways to get it.

Make the cider yourself

To make your own cider, you have to go through several stages. That being said, to have sweet cider, you only need to modify the fermentation. The first step to getting cider is to gather apples. You can choose "knife" apples for "cider" apples. Normally, a blend of the different varieties (bitter, sweet, sour) is recommended to obtain a better cider. However, it will be necessary to clean them properly before thinking about pressing them. Clean fruits must be sorted, crushed, and then pressed. You will get the apple pomace (the dry part) and the must (the apple juice). The latter is stored in vats and then kept under cover for 5 to 10 days. After that, a clarified juice is collected at the bottom of the tank to carry out the fermentation. In addition, fermentation can last several days. It is the transformation of the sugars contained in the apple juice into alcohol thanks to the yeasts. Finally, the final juice is bottled and then tasted in the form of cider.

Order cider online or in store

To have cider without getting in the way, you simply have to order it online. It is important to visit several shops to find the best one capable of supplying quality cider. It is essential that the drink does not suffer from the addition of sugar or alcohol. To be sure, just visit the customer reviews on the page and ask the seller about the manufacturing processes of their product. However, cider can also be purchased in physical stores. You can then have cider by ordering from experts in the field and requesting delivery. To taste the best cider, on the other hand, the product must be produced by the best companies.