How to offer SEO services if you have a web agency ?

The business world is characterised by tough competition. Because of this competition, some companies seek the expertise of marketing agencies for SEO. Follow in this article the SEO techniques implemented by these marketing agencies.

Opting for natural SEO

The SEO methods have a very specific principle. To benefit from each method, you must use a combination of SEO-SEA, SEO-SEM or SEA-SAM. SEO is based on the use of keywords in your content. In the first place, your marketing company must have a grasp of the client's business. You must also have an explanation of all the services provided by the client company. Regardless of the type of business, you need to evolve the lexical field of each business area. Your company may be a restaurant, a training centre, a company selling cosmetic products and so on. It should be noted that the majority of Internet users do not write a whole sentence when they search on search engines. They only write the keywords to start their search. So, to make your products flow and be seen, you must put keywords in your content on the web page. Be aware that it is not only the keywords that guarantee you top rankings in Google results.

Using SEA

SEA is well known in the SEO world. It allows your products to stay in the top ranks when searches are well-referenced. For this to work, you need to buy Google Ads. Many marketing agencies use SEM to improve their client's business.

Choosing SEM

For community managers, SEM is of great concern. This type of SEO is based on the use of social networks. SEM SEO needs SEO so that potential customers can find you quickly. If you have a digital marketing business, all three are important. Mastering these three SEOs is useful because some commercial companies may ask you for them.