The chatbot: an effective way to make things easier for companies

A chatbot is a computer program with artificial intelligence that simulates a conversation with a human user. Thus, it offers companies or agencies new alternatives to optimise the customer engagement process. Find out in the following article about the advantages and the different types of chatbots on the market.

Why opt for a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer invention designed to converse with a human in a completely natural language. This can be done through mobile applications, social media, telephone or messaging applications. You can find out more about the world of chatbots and other news by visiting my site

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence that usually takes the form of an email box. It is a robot that offers companies an efficient management of the customer service relationship. With a chatbot, a company can easily take care of its customers by answering all their concerns without having to hire employees. Thus, the chatbot allows companies to make huge savings. It also allows the company to gain a lot of customers and build loyalty.

Types of chatbots used in marketing.

In general, there are three types of chatbots: the scripted chatbot, the intelligent chatbot and the application chatbot. Indeed, the scripted chatbot is a type of chatbot whose conversation with the customer can only follow a predetermined direction. With this type of chatbot, at each level, the customer is free to choose the option of his choice to access the next step of the conversation. As for the intelligent chatbot, thanks to strong artificial intelligence, it is more flexible, it can accept free input or even voice input. 

Artificial intelligence also allows it to improve as the chatbot is used. Especially when it comes to marketing, you have to make it easy for the customer to think about your agency again for the next few times. As for the application chatbot, the process is a bit more robotic. This type of chatbot is designed to display graphical interfaces and allow customers to analyse several options. The main advantage it offers is the speed of the options.

The chatbot is a computer tool that offers customers a certain ease in their various searches. It is therefore essential to have a chatbot on one's website in order to make the work easier.