The reasons why Dragon Ball is the best anime of all time

Since 1980, Dragon Ball has been an unending success. It becomes the iconic of explosive fighting series. This anime has an everlasting popularity and will never be ignored over the time. Dragon Ball tells a very exciting story, for this, it is the best important anime series forever.

Dragon Ball: Always, new content in production

35 years ago, Dragon Ball remains a shonen sensation whose ability is to multiply to create new series. Even if it does not produce new content like Dragon Ball z, it still maintains its popularity. Besides, it produces other scripts like the manga. The dragon ball z in japan is due to the fresh material it offers to its audience through its original creator Akira Toriyama. Moreover, the creation of new Dragon Ball Super movies has plunged the history of the anime. Also, there is absolutely new content for the manga which is very interesting. The manga story is one step ahead of the conclusion of its corresponding anime which is Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball: Slightly different experiences for anime and manga fans

Indeed, many heated debates revolve around the benefits of manga and anime, and vice versa. In some cases, the original manga of a sequence and its anime realization are sometimes similar. There are some anime that have taken a liberty from the story. These provide material to fill the exclusive contents of the anime and they write their own story.

The best story of Dragon Ball anime is the same as those of manga. However, there are some differences when it comes to Dragon Ball Super. If you follow the manga series, you will make a small difference between the events.

A series of many beloved characters

The main character of Dragon Ball is Goku. Although he is in the spotlight and is the messiah in every situation, Dragon Ball claims the existence of a long list of secondary people. These are supporting people and are fan favorites. These people are Vegeta, Future, Trunks and Piccolo.