Top 5 top streamed R&B artists

We all agree that it is impossible to get music out of our lives. And R&B is the most popular category that embraces everybody. If you are looking for the best R&B artists, here are the ones you must absolutely follow right now, if it’s not yet the case.

The Weeknd

The Canadian musician has received over 3 billion streams with his album StarBoy. Released in November 2016, the artist's third album sets the world on fire. We love the track of the same name, StarBoy, as well as the video In Your Eyes released last year. Obviously, The Hills remains a crowd favourite since its release in 2015.


Despite the passage of time, Drake still produces sensational tracks. According to Spotify's statistics, Drake is the most listened to artist of all time, and today even more than ever with over 50 billion streams. His most popular track to date is his featuring One Dance with WizKid and Kyla. His entire Dark Lane Demo Tapes album is in the Billboard top 100.

Ed Sheeran

Although there are still people that do not know him yet, Ed Sheeran is a British R&B music icon and the most famous artist. The red haired artist’s Shape Of You video released in 2017 continues to break records with over 2 million streams on Spotify. His tracks Thinking Out Loud and Perfect are also popular.

Billie Eilish

In December 2020, Billie Eilish recorded more than 49 millions of followers on Spotify. This crowned her most streamed female artist of 2020, at only 19 years old. We love her single Bad Guy, released in 2019, which got more than 44 millions streams.


Still unknown to some listeners, Kehlani is a rising star in American R&B. The 26-year-old artist is taking the web by storm with her album It Was Good Until It Wasn't, which has racked up over 74 million streams on demand.