What is Enlaps for?

Photography is fascinating, but complicated, acceleration.  For long-term projects, you need to feed the camera continuously and set up a data collection solution. Read this article, if you want to know more about Enlaps.

How do you capture an event that takes place over several days, weeks or months?


Many DIY solutions can be found. Usually, you build a waterproof housing containing a large battery connected to a DSLR or GoPro camera. Here is a helpful site if you want to get more ideas about Enlaps. Enlaps addresses these needs and has released Tikee 3 and Tikee 3 PRO (Time Keeper): two all-in-one solutions for capturing long-term time-lapse projects, thanks to a built-in solar panel that charges large batteries inside the devices. 

In addition, Enlaps provides a fully integrated solution designed to facilitate the creation of time-lapse videos during post-production.  Users can schedule footage remotely via WiFi and 4G, upload footage and playback footage seamlessly in the cloud. Tikee 3 is the basic solar-powered version with two lenses for an ultra-wide 220-degree depth of field and features WiFi connectivity. 


Download the merged images for free from the online software and edit your video from the "source" files


Tikee 3 offers a reliable and innovative solution for capturing long-term events that take place over a period of weeks or months.  Thanks to the presence of an adjustable solar panel (pan and tilt) on top of the camera, the Tikee 3 becomes autonomous and can be mounted off-grid with minimal sun exposure.  The entire system can be remotely controlled and programmed via a WiFi or 4G connection. 

Ongoing projects are uploaded to the cloud in real time and saved on the device's micro SD card. Enlaps Tikee 3 is more than just a camera, it's a whole ecosystem that includes cloud storage and online editing tools. Creating a long-term time-lapse requires no photographic or technical skills, as the system is highly automated and simplified.