What is the Packard Bell brand worth?

A subsidiary of the famous Acer brand, Packard Bell is the ideal brand for people on a budget looking for a laptop. Although it doesn't have a wide and impressive range like its competitors, Packard Bell remains a serious and safe alternative for anyone in need of a cheaper laptop or desktop computer. 

What does Packard Bell manufacture?

Packard Bell manufactures laptops as well as desktop models. It also dabbles in the manufacture of some computer components, such as the adapter for packard bell igo 2185 laptop. It is a mainstream brand and accessible to people on a budget. At the Dutch-based American designer, the emphasis is on accessibility. 

So before you go any further, you should know that Packard Bell is not the brand for big splurges. If you are a lover of online games and therefore looking for powerful computers with advanced processors and a great operating system, you are in the wrong place. Here, you'll be dealing with Intel Celeron processors instead, with the most advanced versions on offer being Intel Core i3. 

What about the quality of the brand?

As mentioned in the introduction, Packard Bell is the brand for small budgets. It's no secret that this is a well-known position. This brand is exclusively aimed at people who are looking for a simple computer, something to surf the internet and do small computer tasks. 

Packard Bell computers have HD LED screens, SATA-only hard drives and, above all, a RAM memory limited to 4 GB for all models. As far as design is concerned, we have to admit that the brand has made great efforts in this direction. 

Packard Bell computers may not be the most advanced in terms of computer performance, but in terms of design, opinions are unanimous. Substantial efforts have been made in this direction.