Why are handpans so expensive?

As traditional tools, handpans are handmade and production takes a few weeks. For this reason, they are an expensive category of musical instrument. Costing between eight hundred and three thousand euros, a high quality handpan tends to retain its value. In the rest of this excerpt, you'll get some justification for this price.

The handpan manufacturing process is labor intensive

According to dealers, the entire process of creating a handpan for sale can take up to two or three months. In reality, a handpan is made in certain steps. These include shaping the shells, sending them to the industry for nitrification and pressing the notes. Also, there is the adjustment of the raw diaphragm of the tool. Finally, polishing the finish of the handpan and adjusting the fins of the handpan once, twice or three times before it is dried and ready to be sold.

The handpan sales rule, demand and additional costs

Note here that the demand for handpan exceeds the available supply. Based on business cycles, these are the two concepts that regulate prices. So, if you want to pick up this instrument at any music store, it would probably be a reasonable investment. However, if you consider that only a few people produce high quality handpans and many people want to buy one, the cost of a handpan would be quite high. You should also keep in mind the possibility of additional costs associated with its purchase. The price of your handpan will increase to reflect the higher shipping costs needed to get it to you safely. Depending on the location of the craftsman who made it, taxes may be applied to its sale.